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Tampa Security Guard Services: Here’s What We Offer!

If you are looking for Tampa security guard services, then, Argus Global Executive Protection is the right company for you.

We are a corporate security agency based in Florida, with over 20 years of specialization in protecting property, assets, and people.

Our security services features include state-of-the-art technology combined with extensively trained professionals. What’s more, each security guard we employ takes a genuine interest in the needs and safety of our clients.

We offer more than just reliable executive protection services. At the heart of Argus Global Executive Protection services is trustworthiness and passion in what we do. The desire to satisfy the client is the only driving force.

Types Of Security Guard Services We Provide:

Armed & Unarmed Security Services

Argus Global Executive Protection provides armed and unarmed security guard services in Tampa and surrounding areas. Whether it’s a personal residence, business enterprise, or the community, our security guards mitigate and provide the security services professionally.

The security team’s first step is to tour the location to determine the appropriate level of protection you need. We treat every client’s scenario with uniqueness as the risk factors are never the same nor static.

Our recruitment and extensive security guard training prioritizes professionalism, responsiveness, and reliability. The patrol security guards are trained to be alert and respond immediately when they notice a necessity. Also, they give a daily report on the state of your property to ensure you have peace of mind.

Additionally, we keep the communication channels open so that the client can easily contact us or the local authorities for inquiries or emergencies.

Our armed and unarmed services are available for construction sites, dealerships, education institutions, auctions, financial institutions, natural disasters, etc.

Whether armed or unarmed, the security guards have a high work ethic with true dedication to satisfying the client. Discipline and morality are the heart of our security team’s training.

Executive Protection Services

At Argus Global, we provide executive protection to high-level individuals, including media personalities, celebrities, political figures, charity, public events, athletes, musicians, and corporate executives. Our protective services assure first-class security, ascertained satisfaction, and peace of mind.

We understand that every client has a reservation. Therefore, we ensure our security services align with your specific necessities.

At Argus Global Protection, we tailor our security services to fit the needs of each client. Our security guards will fit in whether you want above and beyond protection or low profile security.

Argus Global security guards are event-centered, agile, and responsive. The team has military training and can quickly adapt to new environments. They observe, detect security gaps, and report the measures to counter risk potential.

Our security guards’ other incomparable skills include good communication skills and sound judgment. Hence, they can spot a safety-threatening situation and communicate effectively with both gestures and words.

Private Investigation

Argus Global private investigators can help you find answers to your most disturbing questions. Whether it’s background checks, fraud, infidelity, missing persons, harassment, skip tracing, or property theft, our security guard services in Tampa bay stand out.

Our security guards are fully licensed, objective, and possess the right skills and knowledge to handle and successfully solve investigations.

But why are our private investigators better than those from other security guard services in Tampa bay? Our team investigates with passion, curiosity, and persistence while remaining trustworthy to you.

Argus Global Executive Protection is an honest firm that you can trust with no compromise on integrity. Our private investigation services are designed specifically for our clients and ensure their continued security and safety.

We update our clients with new findings to ensure the course of the case meets their needs. We are result-oriented!

Risk Mitigation

Everything, including laws, tactics, technologies, and behaviors, is evolving and with it are new risks. Unlike other security companies in Tampa, Argus Global Executive Protection evolves and mutates with the risks.

Our security guards provide comprehensive and detailed security assessments to spot areas of vulnerability. Consequently, the agents develop a plan to protect you or your property by mitigating the risk.

Why Argus Global Executive Protection?

Here are some of the reasons. All our recruits must meet and exceed the state’s requirements and maintain a security license from the State of Florida and a Statewide Firearms License.

Also, we do a background investigation that includes criminal, credit, and reference checks. Passing background checks is mandatory for all our officers.
Besides, the Argus Global Executive Protection management team is competitive and well-trained. Despite being in the management arm of the company, they:

  • Work closely with the armed and unarmed security guards.
  • Train in all ongoing exercises
  • Inspect security guards on-site and comply totally with our code of conduct.
  • Back up security for emergencies or unprecedented situations
  • Develop plans and emergency readiness plans.

Are you looking for reliable Tampa security guard services? Contact Argus Global Executive Protection today to enjoy state-of-the-art security services!


1508 N 15TH ST TAMPA FL 33605

Mailing Address
PO Box 10538
Brooksville, Fl 34603


All Officers and specialists at Argus Global Executive meet and exceed state requirements, maintaining a State of Florida (D) security license and a (G) Statewide Firearms License. Our officers are required to be First-Aid/CPR/AED certified and are encouraged to acquire additional licenses, certifications, and training.

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