Private Investigation

Looking to hire a private investigator?

Hiring a private investigator can help you find answers to a wide range of questions. Whether it’s a question of infidelity or finding a missing loved one, our investigators provide invaluable surveillance and research services to help you find closure.

At Argus Global Protection, we’re dedicated to providing the best private investigation services to the Tampa Bay Area.

Searching for an affordable private investigator?

Private investigation services can cost you a fortune, and sometimes without the intended results. At Argus Global Executive Protection, we ensure we are an affordable private investigator so that our clients can enjoy these services at a manageable cost. We find your special people, verify documents, carry out background checks, and many more since we have all the resources it takes at our disposal.

We are a fully licensed investigation firm in the state of Florida. As a veteran-owned and operated investigation establishment, we have the patience, objectivity, skills, and knowledge required to handle your investigation successfully. From working odd hours to reaching the ends of the world, our job is not straightforward. But having seen it all, we take pride in being a reliable investigation company you can trust.

At Argus Global Protection, we’re dedicated to providing the best private investigation services to the Tampa Bay Area.

Why we are the best
private investigator in Tampa Bay


Let's face it, private detective work isn't all that interesting, and it may get tough or feel tedious at times. The process of finding answers is as crucial as the outcome. So, you can bet on our passion for staying on course until we get you satisfactory results. Our innovative technology and databases are advanced, and without a doubt, we are the best private investigation firm.


We can't help it with our inquisitive nature, and thanks to it, we can solve mysteries. Besides, any personal case is as important as any other, and we give all our cases undivided attention to avail what is true and admissible in court.


The main benefit of a private detective is discretion, and you can trust us with sensitive details of your life. We are an honest firm with no compromise on integrity. We also update our clients with new findings to ensure the case is going in the direction that meets their needs. Additionally, all our staff are not only approachable but take the information you provide with the sensitivity it deserves. We’re dedicated to providing the best private investigator for your needs.


In our line of work, leads often go nowhere. Regardless, our dedication and commitment solve even the most complicated of cases. Besides, we like to think outside the box, employing modern and traditional approaches to ensure you get the information you deserve.

Cases for our top private investigators at Argus Global Executive Protection

  • Background checks
  • Fraud
  • Infidelity
  • Missing persons
  • Harassment
  • Skip tracing
  • Property theft
At Argus Global Executive Protection, we are your trusted private investigator in the Tampa Bay area and surrounding counties. We employ the best technology and do in-depth research to ensure our clients can take on accurate information. We won’t rest until we uncover the truth for your peace of mind. We will meet and exceed your expectations and even provide any additional information that may help you.


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Mailing Address
PO Box 10538
Brooksville, Fl 34603


All Officers and specialists at Argus Global Executive meet and exceed state requirements, maintaining a State of Florida (D) security license and a (G) Statewide Firearms License. Our officers are required to be First-Aid/CPR/AED certified and are encouraged to acquire additional licenses, certifications, and training.

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