Theft or robbery does not knock at our doors. While we wish we would not need security guard services, situations compel us to. Whether you experienced danger threats recently or your current guards are sleeping on the job, getting a reliable security guard company is crucial.

But wait a minute; the security industry is booming, and with varying levels of professionalism, technology, and quality of work, you may have a challenge during selection.

Fortunately, this article will take you through the qualities you need to look for when hiring a security guard company. And if you are looking for reliable services, check out Argus Global Protection.


What should you consider when hiring security guard services?

Remember, you will be working directly with security guards under the organization you settle for. So, ensure you get a company that can get you qualified guards who are up to the task. This means you have to evaluate companies thoroughly.

As you choose, look out for the following:

Level of training

The right security guard company should give you a detailed description of how they train their officers and their certifications, which may include working with firearms, batons, power to arrest, and most importantly, the ability to administer CPR and First Aid. The security requirements for each organization are different, so are the skills and experiences of different officers.


What are the critical security guard skills to watch out for?

  1. Integrity 

It’s the ability to stick to strong moral principles and honesty. If you can’t trust your guard, you can as well stay without them. An efficient security company should run a thorough background check on their personnel before hiring. However, after a few conversations, you may be able to gauge their qualities and how they take their job.

  1. Vigilance

A good security guard is always observant of their surroundings to avoid missing important details that may risk people’s lives. They also have to be fast thinkers to respond to situations promptly as insecurity happens in minutes, or even worse, seconds.

  1. Are they physically fit?

Here, their weight range is key, and if they tend to hit the gym or engage in exercise routines, it may be a plus. Compared to an unfit officer, the fit one makes you feel safer as they can protect your business and employees.

  1. Can they serve clients?

The security job doesn’t end at maintaining safety; security officers have to attend to some of the clients’ needs, such as giving directions. Additionally, they should be aware of the important details and operations of the organization. And the ability to follow instructions regarding their post should concern you.

  1. They need to be able to lead and be team players as well.

Leading is not in the literal sense. Incidents happen at any time and under any of the guard’s watch. Some unique situations present them with critical decisions such as disobeying orders, standing down, being assertive, and taking control.

With this quality, you may have less to worry about.

  1. Communication skills

Excellent communication skills are one of the key things to consider. Security personnel should know how to communicate with clients in a friendly manner and communicate effectively during unexpected circumstances to help ensure people’s safety. As for good writing skills, police officers can document and get a clear picture of the occurrence whenever an incident occurs. Depending on your customers, you could also opt for one who can speak certain languages too.

  1. Is the establishment licensed?

Although different states may have varying licensure, the company in question needs to meet those qualities. Unlicensed guards are an affordable option. But when it comes to security, the cheaper, the riskier since their training level may not be suited for all the potential circumstances.

  1. Is the company insured?

Do you tend for your guard when he suffers an injury in the line of duty? That is where the security company’s insurance may come in handy. Therefore, selecting a company that is insured to serve your business needs adequately is essential.

  1. Policies

The services of each security establishment vary. Some may employ state-of-the-art technology while others may not. Another is how you can communicate whenever there is a situation they need to be notified of. Do they respond faster or tend to delay? Depending on your preference, the company’s policies and procedures should go together with your business. You could also consider going through the review of previous customers to get a reliable rating. After all, their reputation should concern you. Otherwise, you could be putting your firm in danger.



Choosing an ideal security guard company may be challenging. But following the above requirements will get you a qualified security guard.


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A security officer is essential for any business or apartment out there, and Tampa is no exception. For professional guards who are likely to meet your security needs, consider Argus Global Protection in Tampa and put your mind to rest on insecurity matters.

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