When years of hard work are on the line, you can’t leave anything to chance, especially your security. Our Florida security services go beyond a body standing at the door. In fact, it’s the least of it all. Work with a company that puts your mind at ease and guarantees the safety of your property and employees.

Secure your future with Argus Global Executive Protection, LLC. We are a top-tier Florida-based corporate security agency with over two decades of experience. Our high-quality services have earned us a top position in the security industry, and we strive to maintain our excellent reputation. When you trust us with your investments, we work tirelessly to offer great value. Our specialty lies in protecting your property, people, and assets.


What Security Service Are You Looking For?

Having been in the industry, we have tailored our offerings to the needs of our customer base. We have a vast team of security experts genuinely interested in creating a safer corporate world, dedicating time and resources to meeting your needs. Our services include:

Armed and Unarmed Security

Whether you want armed or unarmed security services, we have an armed security license in Florida. Our professionals receive high-level training to work efficiently in high-risk environments.

Need us for your personal residence, community event, or business? We stay connected, alert, and prepared at all times for reliability. We put our soul and heart into our work with round-the-clock surveillance, rapid response to incidents, and deter threats.

Executive Protection

If you have a high-profile status, employment, or net worth, our executive protection company customizes its services to your needs. We offer a discrete licensed security officer FL to you and your family, so you can go about your day with guaranteed safety. We survey your immediate environment and alleviate any risky and life-threatening situations.

Private Investigation

There’s always an answer to every burning question. Hire our private investigators to find your missing loved one or to discover if your spouse is cheating on you. We connect you with the closure you are looking for with top-notch research services.

Security Guards

Need Tampa business security FL for your event with high-profile guests? Our security guard services were made just for you. We offer end-to-end security for high-risk situations to deter any threats and foster a seamless event or meeting.

General Security

Our team is highly responsive to any place in Tampa Bay and the surrounding counties. We go the extra mile to provide temporary and supplemental security when needed. We also offer CCTV and concealed weapons to meet your requests and satisfaction.


Why Choose Argus Global Protection?

Integral standards

Our business is built on high integral standards. We are honest in all our security services in Tampa Florida, and only hire individuals who showcase this quality.

State-of-the-art technology

We test your current systems to gauge their efficacy. We utilize the latest technology to solidify the security integrity of our client’s premises.


We are a licensed security company, so rest assured that our security services in Tampa FL stand up to industry and state standards. We provide unrivaled services to secure your security systems’ front and backend.

Professionals you can trust

When choosing every team member, we pay attention to detail and focus on quality rather than quantity. Everyone has been selected diligently and highly trained to ensure they meet the high standards of our private security services FL.


Don’t Settle For Less.

Argus Global Protection is a veteran-owned security company that takes a keen interest in your security needs to achieve each one of them satisfactorily. We take pride in offering unrivaled protection in Florida, with a passionate team that works to meet and exceed your expectations. Our team incorporates certified, insured, and licensed officers for top-notch security, get in touch.

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