We provide you with the best security guard services at Argus global. We understand it feels good to be safe and secure at home and even at work. That is why it is essential to entrust the job of security guard services to the best security guard agency in Tampa, Florida, to avoid any miscreants.

The job of a security guard is to keep your environment safe and look out for any form of threat before they even occur. Security guards ensure that all your customers and employees are safe in the workplace and you and your loved ones feel safe at home.

Before hiring a security guard for your company or personal purpose, ensure that they have the necessary experience to manage your safety and provide you with the best security guard service you deserve. There are various kinds of security guards with different roles assigned to them personally.

At Argus global, we provide you with unarmed security services. They patrol all locations, monitor the security system, and in some cases, respond to threats if need be. Depending on your choice, we can also provide armed security guards services who are mainly instructed to employ the use of physical force.


Benefits Of Employing A Professional Security Guard Services

Here are a few reasons why you need a professional security guard:


Prevent Criminal Activity

The presence of a professional security guard can deter any form of criminal activity from taking place. Without even showing off any security guard skill, when your professional security guard is present, it will significantly lessen the possibility of an offender appearing.

Also, when you employ the best security guard services, they will swiftly intercept and stop any form of attack on you and your property.


Heightened A Sense Of Awareness

One unique thing about hiring security is the security guard’s particular skill of sensing any form of unwelcomed attack.

Professional security guards are like an extra pair of eyes and ears all the time, and all their moves are deliberate and precise, providing immediate action to any situation. They create situational awareness and maintain balance.


Establish A secure Working environment

Having a professional security guard being present in your place of business, just as previously mentioned, contributes significantly to having a secure environment regardless of the industry you specialize in.


In case Of An Emergency Situation

When there is an emergency, the first responders are the security guards, and people also run to them when they sense danger.

Also, when an emergency requires an immediate response, and there isn’t always time to wait for the police or EMTs, professional security guards who are well grained can assist in such situations. And in terms of natural disasters, they can help evacuate the building before the police or rescue team arrives.


Tips For Hiring a Trustworthy Security Guard Service

If you are looking to hire the best security guard services for whatever reason, here is a mental list you will need to run down before making your decision


Your Expectations

Before finding a solution for your problem, you will have to know what the problem is. If you are very sure that you need the service of a professional security guard, then be sure that the security guard service company you are going for ticks your checklist and they can deliver and supersede your expectations.


How Experienced Are They?

When you start searching for the best security guard service in your area, you will want to make sure that they know what they will be doing in all situations.

It is essential to do your little research about the company you want to employ their services and what other people have to say about them. We at Argus Global only offer you the best and nothing less!


The Number Of Security Guards Required

Depending on the event you need a security guard service for, the number of people involved can determine how many security guards you need.

If you need to secure a huge building, retail store, or any other large area, you will probably need a professional security guard service 24hrs a day, seven days a week. And for a big event, you will need a team of the best security guard services to see your event through.

Full-time security might also be required on private property. We provide you with any number of security you want here at Argus Global.


Check To See If They Are Qualified

Each state has specified training for every professional security guard that they must undergo before being qualified and approved for the job. Ensure to check your state’s mandate and ask the agency you consider for the best security guard services for more information.


Read The Contract Before Signing

The contract you are about to sign should be well documented. It should include the following.

  • Fees and payment
  • The period covered
  • Expectations

If there is anything you don’t agree with or don’t think should be in the contract, ensure to ask questions about it.


Best Security Guard Services in Tampa, FL

We are a trustworthy security guard service in Tampa, Florida. With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in protecting property, assets, and people. We provide armed and unarmed security protection for auctions, charity events, commercial real estate, concierge, and construction. We provide executive protection for athletes’ attorneys, celebrities, and private investigations.

Our team consists of highly trained and proactive professionals. We only provide clients with certified, licensed, well-trained, and insured professional security guard services in Tampa bay. Contact us today to get the requirements to get the job done.

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